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Mercer County, NJ

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The Borough of Hightstown [†] is completely surrounded by East Windsor Township and is located in the northeastern quarter the Township. It is approximately 1.2 square miles in size and developed as the historic center of the area. The Borough is traversed by the Rocky Brook which is dammed at the intersection of North Main Street and Franklin creating Peddie Lake which serves as the centerpiece to the Borough. Route 33 runs through the Borough from the northeast to the southwest. It provides access to Exit 8 in East Windsor of the New Jersey Turnpike which is located near the Borough's eastern Boundary with East Windsor.

The Borough is almost completely developed and is home to the Peddie School and the East Windsor Regional Hightstown High School which straddles the Borough's southwestern border. The development pattern of Hightstown is consistent with that of a traditional town center consisting of compact development patterns with mixed uses, significant concentrations of commercial development along major roadways, and relatively dense residential development consisting of a variety of housing types generally on small lots.

The Borough's housing stock is diverse consisting of single family homes, duplexes, large homes divided into apartments and garden apartments. The residential uses have been built over the course of the last 150 years.

The Borough has a traditional downtown which is home to a variety of commercial, office and retail uses. This small scale pedestrian friendly downtown area is located where North Main, South Main, Stockton, Franklin, and Mercer Streets meet. The other area of non-residential development is located within the Study Area along Mercer Street near the Borough's southwestern border with East Windsor Township.

The municipally owned Roger C. Cook Greenway, which includes several trails, runs through the center of Town adjacent to Rocky Brook. The Borough has also converted part of the abandoned rail road right-of-way which runs through the Borough to a trail. This railroad right-of-way runs directly through the center of the Study Area.

Adapted from: East Windsor and Hightstown Route 33 Corridor Revitalization Plan, 2012, www.east-windsor.nj.us.

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