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Tony has been our agent on three real estate transactions and his overall service and local knowledge is the best. We've had some unique challenges and Tony always took charge and came up with creative solutions to work things out. He is a true professional and makes decisions based upon long‑term relationships given he both lives and works within the community.
Jim and Lori Taylor

“Tony is incredible to work with. His understanding of market dynamics and appreciation, for operational nuances have been invaluable. I would highly recommend Tony to prospective investors for real estate management and transactions.”
Harish and Ashwini Krishnaswamy

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Tony help us with both selling our home and purchasing our new home. I say “fortunate” because we hired based on a personal relationship, not experience. It wasn’t until we saw him in action that we understood how talented and skilled he was as a real estate broker. If you want the bottom line, you need to hire Tony too - and quickly. If you want more reasons before you make your decision, read on. People often misjudge the work that goes into selling or buying a home, especially as it relates to the work of the real estate broker. Too often, we believe the skill set is all about getting the house “under contract”, when the real skills is in getting the deal to closing. Tony excelled in the first section, hiring a professional photographer and getting our house under contract in 6 days! That was the easy part, it seems, and couldn’t have happened without Tony’s advice on pricing and listing the home. Then, the real work started. Unless you’ve been through it recently, you can’t understand how many moving parts there are as you get the house from “deal” to “closed”. In our case, Tony had to deal with the buyer of our house, who had to sell their house, as well as dealing with our purchase of a new house and help coordinate all of those activities - in fact, monitoring three different deals and keeping them all on track to close. I was particularly impressed with Tony’s ability to represent our best interests in both deals. We felt we had an advocate and a confidante throughout the entire process. This is a longer testimonial than many will read, but if you’ve come this far, you see that Tony is one-of-a-kind. He has dozens of years of experience, and has earned every accolade possible from his clients and friends. You should have this kind of experience as well. I’ve referred friends and colleagues to Tony and will continue to do so. Get the best broker you can for your real estate deal, hire Tony.
Victor & Jennifer Medina

We recently worked with Tony in the selling of our home in Robbinsville's Washington Town Center. Tony was very analytical and knowledgeable in his approach to listing and showing our home. He also proved to be very flexible in dealing with an unexpected change in the market dynamics in the area and worked aggressively to find us the right buyer for our house. Tony is a pleasure to work with!
Derron and Lisa Stark

Tony is calm, composed, resourceful and always puts customer first. When we looked to buy a bigger property and needed to list our property, we did not need to think or look around much. Tony has been very patient with us in our nearly 6 years long search for the property that we can call our next home. Tony is incredibly knowledgeable with the real estate market and works through the intricacies very well. I will always recommend Tony for your real estate needs.
Ramesh Durga Venugopal

Tony helped me in filling out the requisite forms in support of my real estate tax appeal last year. Even though I called a few a real estate agents I knew, he was the only one to respond to assist me. On top of that, I contacted him fairly close to the deadline, causing him to have to spend some late nights at the 11th hour. Bottom line - I got the paperwork in on time and my appeal reduced my tax bill by over 30%! Suffice it to say, i would not have gotten it done without Tony.
Jeff Gavlick

Tony goes above and beyond. He is patient and thoughtful. He always made us feel that we were in good hands. I have bought and sold two houses with Tony and he is currently working with my parents. I would highly recommend him!
John and Nicole Furyk

My wife and I found Tony through what seemed to us at the time like a random online search for new construction homes in 2016; we were living in North Jersey at the time and looking to buy a home in and relocate to Central Jersey. But now we are very convinced he’s God-sent! From our very first appointment with Tony at his office, we knew he is our man, and we were not going to work with any other realtor. He treated us like family from day one! He is a great person all around and his genuineness, honesty, patience and kindness are very rare to come by in the business these days. Also, he's accessible and very responsive; we've never had a phone call or text message go unresponded by Tony.

To enable me and my wife relocate to Central Jersey and rent for a year or two to see if we liked the area, we listed our previous home in North Jersey for sale with a different real estate firm. For six months our listing agent got no results, but once we mentioned this to Tony, he gave us a referral who worked diligently to get us a signed sale contract in less than 60 days! He did this for us unselfishly, at a time when he had no incentive to. My wife and I purchased a new construction single-family home through Tony in 2017 and moved into the home in summer of 2018 after completion. From mortgage bankers to home inspectors to landscapers, all of Tony's referrals were great people as well. Tony was by our side every step of the way, even long after closing on our home, checking in with us every now and again to see how we’re doing with the lawn or furnishing or interior decoration, etc. We would highly recommend Tony to anyone who needs his services.

If it were possible to give 5+ stars we would gladly have done so, because he more than deserves it!
Ama and Ben Boakye-Abbey

We highly recommend Tony if your are thinking of selling and/or buying a house. He sat with us and listened to our thoughts and concerns, then outlined the process moving through each phase. Tony was never more than a text or call away if we had a question or concern. We sold our house for list price and bought another which met our criteria exactly with Tony’s expert guidance. We were most impressed and pleased that we met and worked with Tony.
Marie and Tony Picardi

I have been working with Tony for about 4 years now. I haven't really sold my house yet, but every time we thought about putting it in the market, the only person we call is Tony. He patiently helps us through the process, and advices us on improvements in a very practical manner. He is very approachable, honest and authentic. He goes out of the way to ensure we are happy. I have recommended Tony to many of my friends and would continue to recommend him
Siva and Nithya Appavoo

I have had the honor of knowing Tony personally since childhood, but my recommendation for his professional skill, knowledge and integrity as a realtor cannot be spoken enough. Tony assisted me in the sale of my former home and not only created great sales flyers, but stayed on top of every detail from listing through contract. I was even able to receive quite a few offers on the home during a time when the market was truly difficult at best. When we needed to purchase a new property a few years later I again turned to Tony, this time as a buying agent, and with his assistance and guidance we were able to successfully buy our home in a sealed bid. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tony as either a selling or buying agent – or both!
Ken and Linda Smyth

Tony Rosica is highly professional with a warm, friendly and understanding manner. His knowledge of the Robbinville market and contacts in the community helped us find our home. During a particularly difficult closing, Tony's expertise, patience and support were key. We could not have asked for a better Realtor.
Craig and Pam Seifert

Tony has been my real estate guru for the last several years. He has assisted me with buying, selling and renting. His extensive knowledge of the real estate environment always provides me with current, detailed market analysis data. He has given me the tools to make informed decisions and has been a sounding board for questions. I am a repeat customer because I know Tony will go above and beyond to meet my needs and get results." - Grace Pranzo Yorke Tony listed my multi-family house and sold it fast. He knew everything about the house and the area. There were no problems at all. I was pleased with everything.
Marc and Rona Eckert

Tony took time out of his busy schedule during the Spring Market to help us get our real estate taxes lowered. As far as buying and selling real estate, you won't find anyone else better in our area than Tony. His combination of knowledge, experience and honesty makes the entire process a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Colleen and Gene Gallagher

We relocated from the UK, & Tony was wonderful at educating us on the area, the housing inventory & the buying process, all of which was new to us. Tony proved to be very knowledgeable, professional, attentive & patient. On moving out of the area after 5 years, Tony acted as our realtor for the sale. With the benefit of his advice & preparation, we were able to secure a sale, at our asking price, within a week of the property going on the market!
Chris and Kay Edwards

We changed our minds 7-8 times on what we were looking for and every time Tony was right there to help us throughout.“Really trust Tony to manage the entire process… He is very professional, thorough, resourceful and confident, which enabled him to get our house sold even in a very uncertain real estate market. He is the best of the best!”
Dave Yorke

Tony Rosica's expertise and advice was invaluable while helping us with our tax appeal. He was very patient and helpful, and maintained great communication throughout the entire process. He's a great and honest professional that knows the business and really cares about people. Overall, a great experience and I would highly recommend him. Rogerio and Wendy Silva Tony Rosica, made the process as simple for us, as it could given the circumstances. We recommend him highly!!!"
Robyn and Scott Perusich

Tony really came through for us. He helped us set the asking price correctly. Next, he coached us through the staging process so our house looked its best. End result...we got 2 offers in 10 days!
Dave and Nancy Bailin

Tony and his team far surpassed my expectations with both the sale and purchase of our homes. In listing our property, Tony's approach got us an offer on the first listing day, which after some strategic negotiation on Tony's part, resulted in a final sales price beyond what we had hoped for. Tony's expertise became even more evident during the purchase of the next home, which involved a bit of a bidding war. What could have been an incredibly anxiety-ridden experience turned out to be a smooth and easy process thanks to Tony's cool-under-pressure guidance. I would recommend Tony and his team for any real-estate transaction.
Suzanne Toppy

Over the years I have worked with a multiple of Realtors in the purchase and selling of homes. None of them comes close to the performance, excellent service, market intelligence, and care that Tony Rosica and his team provided to me throughout the very recent sale and purchase of homes in Robbinsville. Based on the following, I can honestly say that Tony is the best real estate professional I have ever met: We interviewed three local Realtors. We chose Tony, not only for his depth of experience and knowledge of the market, but for his unique approach to the market. Tony has a unique analytical mind and approach to the market that resulted in us setting a premium price for our home. We received our asking price for the property just two days after the property was listed and closed shortly thereafter. Tony and his team helped me find a new property to move into within a few months. His knowledge of the marketplace and home values factored into my purchase. Tony and his team were patient and consultative to me during this process. During the offer stage, Tony and his team helped us negotiate a successful close despite competitive bids from other potential buyers in the 11th hour. His performance on its own should be enough, but it is three months since I purchased my home and this amazing professional continues to help me. Tony is the only Realtor who outperforms his competition in sales and service. But, he even went to my house on several different occasions, on my behalf, to work with the contractors who were coming in to service and make improvements on the property. In addition, this man is an advocate for you. He contacted my home warranty company and successfully broke through red tape in order to get service and reimbursed for minor repairs needed to my home, well after he received compensation for the sale of the home. I initially reached out to the service company without any success. Then I saw an immediate response once Tony contacted the company. Last of all, Tony is such a great person. Even if you don’t need a Realtor, you should meet with him as he is a great person to know. A great family man and local soccer coach who only wants to do what is right for you. He puts your interests first. He is not in a rush to sell you a property or put you in a negative situation. In fact, I walked away from a few potential home purchases because we BOTH felt it wasn’t the right decision at the time. Hiring Tony Rosica was one of the best decisions of my life. I hope you have a similar home selling and buying experience as I did. Sincerely.
Eric Toppy

I had the great fortune of meeting Tony through a mutual friend who was buying a new home. Though I was not seeking to sell or buy a home, I contacted Tony after learning he helped local residents with real estate tax appeals. With his help and knowledge of the real estate business, I was able to have my taxes reduced significantly. I cannot thank him enough. Tony is honest, kind and a true gentleman.
Susan Anderson

We recently worked with Tony in the selling of our residence. He always worked above and beyond the call of duty. In addition to Tony's strong work ethic, he is a man of integrity. With his real estate knowledge and experience, he was able to guide us effortlessly through the process. Tony is a pleasure to work with and is without a doubt a dedicated professional.
Ed and Francine Beres

When Listing your home there's only one call to make, Tony Rosica his professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market proved to be the answer for success in selling our home so quickly. It was a pleasure to work with Tony and his team.
Richard & Paula Dean

Tony provides a high level of expertise in real estate. His local knowledge and experience are unsurpassed. He was able to find us the perfect apartment to rent. I would highly recommend him.
Alysse and Shawn Kircher

I have known Tony Rosica for several years. I met Tony when he coached my 5-year old son’s soccer team. I became friendly with his wife Marlene and she invited us to join their church. When my husband and I decided to sell our home, there was no doubt that I would ask Tony to be my real estate agent. I had experience buying and selling homes throughout our marriage more often than most couples as my husband’s Air Force career caused us to relocate every two years. I have had very successful experiences buying and selling homes without utilizing an agent in the past. But the real estate market was not as healthy as it has been during our previous transactions, and I needed to feel confident in the prospective buyers for our home. I felt that having a real estate agent provided me with that protection. Many people would tell me that it was not ideal to venture into a business decision with a close personal friend. I beg to differ. In an extremely stressful time, Tony made himself available to me to answer any concerns or questions that I had. This was very important to me. Tony is personable and patient; he was always clear in the directions that he gave to me and sensitive to the needs of my family. Tony’s knowledge of the local market and his key contacts in the community helped immensely. When I needed repair the concrete on our front steps, Tony referred me to a professional mason that I could rely on to complete the job perfectly. Tony conducts himself in a professional manner at all times. I had confidence in Tony as he managed the offers that were made for our property. Tony has integrity and was forthright with our options. I found his advice invaluable. Tony always gave me the courtesy of asking me what I preferred and provided me with choices. I would highly recommend Tony Rosica to friends and family as the very best agent to hire to sell their home. I could not have found a better realtor to guide me through this process. I am very grateful to Tony and the values that he lives by.
Jennifer Johnson

I have only the highest praise and recommendation for Tony Rosica. I have known Tony now for a few years through sports, and he had told me about a free seminar they were holding for Property Assessment and Tax Appeals in our town. Our taxes are so high I knew I had nothing to lose by attending. I have to tell you the seminar was outstanding, it was very informative, and really helped me understand things I had never known about how our houses are assessed. I realized how important it is to make sure your property card/residential review document is correct. Tony helped step me through the process, organize the forms, submit things by the deadlines, and we were able to win and have a successful tax appeal because of it. I can’t thank Tony and his team enough for what they did to help my family. I have met a lot of great people in my life; very few have demonstrated the honesty, good nature and humility that Tony exhibits. I love that he is a down to earth family man, likable, enthusiastic, and trustworthy, and I’m proud to call him a good friend. I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
Tom Walls and Lisa Papp

Jon and I just wanted to thank you again for all your help, support, and professionalism with the sale of our house. As you know, we tried previously to sell our house through another real-estate company and were not seeing results. Your ability to analysis the market and our true house value as well as highlight its strengths against the competition was the difference in the increased traffic we saw. Your ability to negotiate and handle all that came our way made all the difference during the process. Thank you for being our coach, sounding board and sometimes shoulder to cry on when needed. We are still knee high in boxes but are loving the new house and can’t thank you enough for making it all possible. Thank you again for everything! - Your friends,
Jennifer & Jonathan Masel

My husband and I first met Tony Rosica many years ago when he coached our son in soccer. We were impressed with Tony because of his patience with the boys and his ability to teach the little guys how to be effective soccer players. So, when the time came to sell our home, we knew that we would call Tony and he didn't disappoint. Since then, we have had many real estate dealings with Tony. He not only a nice guy, he is an utmost professional and very good at what he does best which is understanding the needs of his buyers and sellers and matching them with the perfect opportunity
Kim and Ted Madera

“Tony’s intimate knowledge of the local real estate market and the real estate process, coupled with his highly professional and personable demeanor makes him a joy to work with.”
Douglas Kerwin

Tony Rosica—The People’s Realtor! Tony helped me acquire the present site of the corporate office for my business. His real estate professionalism and expertise were a tremendous asset to my company during the acquisition of our corporate offices. If you want the right job done the first time, call Tony Rosica! He will not let you down.
Tony and Karen Ulisse

Please take note that Tony Rosica, a real estate agent, was very professional while handling the sale of our home. Tony was always very courteous and understanding during this time. Of most importance to us was the fact that Tony was always available. No matter where he was or what time it was, he would always promptly return our phone calls. We appreciate his always being available for us. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone seeking a real estate agent.
Susan and Curtis Chave

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